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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Old Man Clan. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General Forum Rules
    As always, we want to foster open discussions; it is not our intention
    to stifle or censor the free exchange of ideas and opinions.

    However, we insist that all posters observe the following rules:

    * No nudity or swearing

    * No direct linking to images on other websites , download the image and post with an image hosting site

    * Please don't post duplicate threads. Before posting a new topic, search to make certain similar or identical threads don't already exist. If one does, post your message there. Duplicate threads will be deleted.

    * Stay on-topic. The most common complaint we receive is posters who bog down every thread.
    Please keep your posts on topic.

    * Be polite. Use courtesy; avoid inflammatory or "baiting" remarks to other posters;
    do not simply repeat the same opinion over and over.

    Posters who do not obey these rules will have their posts deleted and receive a warning.
    Members who persist in breaking rules after a second warning will be banned.

    The forums will be monitored by site administrators throughout the day.
    If you see a post that you feel violates the rules above, send a private message to a moderator and it will be reviewed.

    Our decisions regarding what constitutes a violation will be subjective, and will err on the side of free and open discussion, but we will not tolerate openly hostile or abusive behavior. #
  2. OMC Charter Rules

    1. The OMC Charter

      1. Do not let your wife or girlfriend play with the clan. This is an adult clan; OMC children are most definitely not allowed in OMC rooms. Playing with an ex-OMC member (whether they have been kicked out or left voluntarily) on your OMC PSN account, will get you voted out of the OMC. Use an alternate PSN account for playing with these people.

      2. No drama. The OMC will not take itself too seriously.

      3. The OMC will not participate in game battles or compete against other clans.

      4. You cannot be in any other clans other than the OMC.

      5. If an OMC member votes for a map change or against a Troll (non-OMC player) in the Jungle (public servers), you must support your OMC brothers and vote as well.

      6. If an OMC password is given out to someone without permission, or if you act like a jerkoff and piss off other OMC members, you will be kicked out of OMC without question.

      7. New pledges must be over 30 years old (unless referred by an OMC member).

      8. New pledges must stand before our recruitment board for approval. This applies to everyone on all platforms, including personal friends. Once approved, they will be named an OMC member.

      9. Whore weapons are as decided by majority OMC vote for each game. Unless agreed upon during the game, do not use in private OMC rooms. Using whore weapons, perks or other such things will just make OMC members gripe, so please change your class.

      You are free to use any weapons in the Jungle

      10. Dave Lee Roth is the true lead singer for Van Halen. Sammy Hagar did a great job of filling in his shoes.

      11. [CLASSIFIED] #
    2. The OMC Pledge Manual

      The following is what the OMC requires of any new PLEDGE:

      1. Pledges must be 30 years old and not in any other clans

      2. Pledges must have a headset

      3. If you are looking to be competitive or participate in clan matches, don't waste our time.

      4. Our tryouts are similar to frat house hazing, and not based on skill.

      5. You will be contacted through the PSN.

      6. As a PLEDGE you must always wear a PLDG tag. The pledge pin is there so OMC members know who you are. There are over 100 members and they have no idea who YOU are or who is pledging at that specific time.

      The OMC has its traditions and there are no exceptions made for any reason.

      As a PLEDGE

      You will be hazed
      You will be kicked from rooms
      You will be called names
      You will be teabagged.

      Do not take it as a personal attack or that you are being singled out. Most OMC members have gone through this system too and made it through and had a good time doing it. It is meant to be fun while sorting out undesirables.

      PLEDGE NIGHT is your introduction to OMC.

      All pledges must attend. If you cannot attend, please notify the recruiting team via PSN or in forums. This night is meant for the OMC recruitment team to talk to pledges and evaluate pledges. Be quiet, listen to the senior OMC member in the room and if you don't understand, speak up so we can clarify it for you.

      There is no time frame on when we accept you as a member. We take into consideration your participation in our forums and game time to give merits within our ranking system.

      KING: only the number one pledge can wear this
      STUD: pledges who have gone above and beyond
      PLDG: new pledges and your average pledge
      FAG: pledges who break the rules or just for fun

      Just remember that in the end, if you get accepted into the OMC, you will be the one dishing out the abuse to new pledges.

      Then the circle is complete. #
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